Policies and legislation

The most recent Change as regards to Legislation, is the Parliament Initiative from Alejandro Cercas, related to Responsible Restructuring in Europe.

European as well as national Employment policies have taken into account Restructuring Issues in the late 70s – early 80s. Main legislations aim at informing unions and workers representatives before restructuring, at organizing or prioritise the workers to loose their jobs, and to find alternate ways of collective redundancies.

Public authorities have mainly planned anticipatory measures against or to accompany collective redundancies. Also budgetary means have been dedicated to closures. But these policies have met their limits with the Crisis. Austerity Programmes and Reduction of public expenditure have brought up Policy makers to reduce their measures and budgets.

At European level, after Working groups activities and several reports (“Managing Change”, Gyllenhammar Report, 1998), the 2005 Communication by EC deals with Restructuring and Employment.

The Commission has launched in 2010, an initiative to share information on innovative measures being taken in EU countries to anticipate and manage restructuring at national, regional and local levels, across specific economic sectors. For each of the 27 EU countries, a background paper has been produced and discussed at a national seminar.