Topics and issues

Restructuring in companies is a nowadays topic, inspiring media and comments of all sorts. As such, Restructuring and social dialogue is not a common issue; and the Project of this Website is to present all aspects of Innovations in Social dialogue and in Companies, when facing Restructuring in SMEs as well as in Public services.

Restructuring and social dialogue in Crisis, is multi dimensional Topic:

  • a social dimension & very concrete consequences on professional and personal lives.
  • a macro economic dimension and the emerging idea that Restructuring should have been avoided. But that citizens can do nothing in that respect.
  • a political dimension and the central role of employment policies according to EC strategies and guidelines, in a context of austerity policies vs liberal policies in Europe.
  • a pedagogical/ heuristic dimension, as some innovative practices in social dialogue could help others to face restructuring processes or to anticipate situations.