“Restructuring of Organisations and Potential Implications for their Staff”


A recent paper written by Birgit Köper and Götz Richter offers new data about restructuring’s impacts on health :

“The changing world of work is not a new phenomenon – it has always been continuous and at times drastic change. What is new is the speed of change, which has increased significantly over the last 30 years. The fact that people and organisations need to adapt to new circumstances, is normal and fundamentally not to be questioned.

Reasons, in addition to the developments in the market and the competition, are also changing customer expectations, or in the public sector, often politically induced impulses. Against the background of increasing globalisation and technological possibilities these adaptation needs are however occurring more rapidly in sequence, so that organisations respond more frequently and rapidly than several years ago with manifold and sometimes extensive restructuring measures…”

► Click here to read and download “Restructuring of Organisations and Potential Implications for their Staff” by Birgit Köper and Götz Richter.

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