VIRES – Vulnerable groups in Restructuring : a synthesis report in 9 languages

The VIRES project, (Vulnerable groups In REStructuring) is a project funded by the European Commission, DG Employment, Social affairs and Inclusion. Its aim is to analyse the vulnerability of specific groups impacted by restructuring practices in Europe, namely the youngsters, understood as those being – 30, and the migrants, understood here as foreign workers or of foreign origins.

The project’s ouputs offer a view of

The complexity of this relationship in 10 EU countries,

Examples and good practices being implemented to tackle this issue

*11 policy recommendations from the project, and especially from our national workshops, to be used by social partners, companies and public authorities.

Our activities included among others:

– Internal meetings in order to set up an appropriate analytical framework and to define methodologies and tasks to be performed

– Desk research and interviews with main stake holders and identification of case studies according the methodology

– National reports including overviews, case studies, debates and when possible recommendations

– An EU workshop organized in Brussels last January 21, 2015

– An EU synthesis report.

VIRES Synthesis Report in 9 languages

Each national report tried to assess the impact of restructuring on those groups and the results are summarised in a synthesis report including a comparison of the developments.

The SYNTHESIS REPORT, based on national reports, is now available in the following 9 languages :

Bulgarian Synthesis Report Vulnerability and Restructuring  

Czech Synthesis Report Vulnerability and Restructuring

English Synthesis Report Vulnerability and Restructuring 

Spanish Synthesis Report Vulnerability and Restructuring

French Synthesis Report Vulnerability and Restructuring 

German_Synthesis Report Vulnerability and Restructuring 

Italian Synthesis Report Vulnerability and Restructuring

Slovenian_Synthesis Report Vulnerability and Restructuring 

Swedish_Synthesis Report Vulnerability and Restructuring

The aim is to provide updated information and relevant issues for social partners and policy makers at national and European level.