MOLIERE (Monitoring Learning Innovation in European Restructuring)

The MOLIERE project (Monitoring Learning Innovation in European Restructuring) is funded by the European Commission, DG Employment, Social affairs and Inclusion.

Its aim is to analyse whether and how the practice of restructuring has changed in a selection of Member States, to assess the impact of the economic crisis on the national level and to monitor how the practice of restructuring changes in the longer term.

MOLIERE main results : IRENE policy analysis in 11 countries and a synthesis report

Each national report assesses the impact of the economic crisis on the way restructuring is anticipated and managed. The Outputs are the following IRENE policy papers:

  • Belgium : Frédéric Naedenoen and Fanny Fox

IRENE policy paper n°3 BELGIUM

  • in Bulgaria : Vassil Kirov

IRENE policy paper n°4 BULGARIA

  • in Czech Republic : Zdenek Karasek and Lenka Janickova

IRENE policy paper n°5 CZECH REPUBLIC

  • in France : Christophe Teissier and Claude Emmanuel Triomphe

IRENE policy paper n°6 FRANCE

  • in Germany : Mathias Knuth, Johannes Kirsch and Gernot Muehge 

IRENE policy paper n°7 GERMANY

  • in the Netherlands : Wim Sprenger

IRENE policy paper n°8 The NETHERLANDS

  • in Portugal : Raquel Rego

IRENE policy paper n°9 PORTUGAL

  • in Slovenia : Metoda Dodic Fikfak and Tanja U. Lazar

IRENE policy paper n°10 SLOVENIA

  • in Spain : Ricardo Contreras Rodriguez

IRENE policy paper n°11 SPAIN

  • in Sweden : Ola Bergstrom

IRENE policy paper n°12 SWEDEN

  • in the United Kingdom : Nick Clark

IRENE policy paper n°13 The UK

Synthesis Report by Ola BERGSTROM

IRENE policy paper n°14 Synthesis report

Comparative analysis of the European economic labour market developpements before and after the crisis by Fanny FOX

IRENE policy paper n°15

MOLIERE and European policy framework

The aim is to provide updated and harmonized information for social partners and policy makers at national and European level as well as to assist them in policy formation and the design of a European policy framework on anticipating and managing change and restructuring.

See MOLIERE final Workshop programme, 13 November 2014

Presentations from ASTREES (France) and from Wim Sprenger (The Netherlands) available here :

French Presentation MOLIERE Meeting

Final Workshop The NL CASE