MIRE Restructuring

Monitoring Innovative Restructuring in Europe (MIRE) project, an ESF article 6 programme, involved the establishment of both national and international networks of experts including more than 150 researchers, human resource managers, trade unionists, outplacement or redeployment experts and members of territorial bodies.

The project organised thematic meetings in each of the five partner countries and aimed to exchange expertise at a transnational level, capitalising on innovations improving the management of the restructuring process. These actor workshops brought together the experts, and they were case-study based meetings lasting one to one and a half days, dedicated to exchanges on restructuring and innovation, allowing the project to benefit from the knowledge of highly experienced actors.

Altogether 28 workshops were held, 12 national multi-actor workshops, 11 international multi-actor workshops, four international single actor workshops and one tripartite European workshop.

Partners from Network : LENTIC Belgium, IAT Germany, ASTREES (ADUET, then) France, IMIT Sweden and WLRI UK.

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Project findings were published in Gazier, B. and Bruggeman. F. (Eds) (2008) Restructuring, Work and Employment in Europe: Managing Change in an Era of Globalisation, Cheltenham: Edward Elgar.