National Situations: Sweden

National Reports have been published in the last five years on the Labour market, the Swedish Economy, and Restructuring situations :

Sweden Beyond the Crisis

Faktiska Konsekvenser av Turordningsreglerna i Las och Avtal

Arbetsmarknadspolitik i Kristid

Sweden after the Swedish Model

RENEWALS : Lessons learnt & Deliverables – December 2013

SMEs, restructuring, innovations and social dialogue - policy paper 1, english version.

Restructuring in public services : crisis, social dialogue and Renewals - policy paper 2, english version.

Our publications about Sweden


Sweden – Conference on HRM welcomes sessions on restructuring

November 14, 2016

The INTERNATIONAL INTERDISCIPLINARY CONFERENCE ON HRM will be held on the 23-25 March 2017 at the University of Gothenbur. The call for papers is open until the 1 December 2016.  One of the topics of interest to submit a paper is «restructuring and change». Further information can be found here:


Sweden – Jobs creation for migrants

December 22, 2015

Eurofound has reported the creation of jobs in Sweden related with the migrant crisis in Europe. Further information can be found here:


Managing restructuring in Sweden : Policy paper n°12

November 10, 2014

Managing restructuring in Sweden : IRENEpolicy paper by Ola Bergstrom This report has been discussed and validated through the MOLIERE Project partners and the present document is the result of an interactive production process. IRENE policy paper n°12 SWEDEN


Social initiatives for restructuring SMEs

July 2, 2013

Ola Bergstrom, professor, School of Business, Economics and Law, at University of Gothenburg (Sweden), presented a transverse analysis related to Social initiatives for Restructuring SMEs in Brussels, on June 27th :   ►Click here to read the document.