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IRES – Institute for Economic and Social Research – is a non-profit association founded by CGIL in 1979, following an initiative by influential and prestigious leaders such as Bruno Trentin, Giuliano Amato, Vittorio Foa. The institute’s main task is to stimulate, develop and conduct research supporting and strengthening the trade union movement.

Besides providing expert advice for trade union organisations, the Institute has forged over time a network of relations and partnerships with domestic and international universities, agencies and institutions, defining for itself a role as a liaison between trade unions and academia. By fully implementing a strictly interdisciplinary methodology, IRES combines economic and sociological research with studies conducted in the areas of labour law and industrial relations, privileging a comparative approach and focusing on an increasingly European and international dimension.

The complexity and the sheer range of the issues dealt with has led IRES to develop and set up several research divisions (or areas), each tackling diverse themes and involving expert consultants. IRES’ activity can rely on a permanent staff of senior researchers (around 10 people) for its activities. Each senior researcher is in charge of a specific area of studies and can seek the help of external researchers and scholars specialising in various disciplines to conduct specific study projects (around 25 people).

An important restructuring of the Institute is due to be carried out and completed in 2013, namely the merger of both IRES and the training body of CGIL – the “Instituto Superiore per la Formazione” (ISF) into a new institute which will be named after the former leader of CGIL, Bruno Trentin. The aim is to create a bigger and more encompassing trade union-related Institute.

The following work areas form the backbone of the Institute’s operational structure:
I. Industrial relations (Contact person: Salvo Leonardi,
II. Environment, territory and safety (Contact person: Elena Battaglini,
III. Local development and industrial policy (Contact person: Emanuele Galossi:
IV. Welfare and citizens’ rights (Contact person: Maria Luisa Mirabile, and Francesca Carrera,
V. Labour market (Contact person:

Dr. Salvo Leonardi – Senjor researcher and responsible for the industrial relations area at the Social and Economic Research Institute (IRES), where he’s responsible for the area of the Industrial Relations studies. Graduated in Political Sciences at the University of Catania and PhD at the University of Rome “La Sapienza” in 1995. Member of numerous national and international networks of research and EC projects (Welfare through Social Dialogue; TRADE; IRENE +; INFORMIA I and II; FIRST;) and project manager himself (EUROATCA; GLORI; Train.Bul.Part). Author of books, conference papers and publications on scientific journals of labour law and industrial relations.