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Le Lentic est un centre de recherche et d’intervention de l’Université de Liège, centré sur les processus d’innovation organisationnelle. Il est une référence incontournable dans l’analyse des évolutions du travail et des organisations.

Son équipe multidisciplinaire effectue des missions d’étude, de conseil et d’accompagnement dans des organisations de toute taille, du secteur marchand aussi bien que non marchand, en Belgique comme sur la scène internationale.

La spécificité de son approche théorique et méthodologique peut être appréhendée à partir des multiples publications que son équipe a accumulées depuis plus de 20 ans.

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The Lentic is a research and consultant center from the University of Liège, focused on organizational innovation processes. The Center is a major reference in the analysis of working and organizational evolutions. Its multidisciplinary staff manages public studies and private consultancy activities for all types of organizations size; from the market and non market sectors, in Belgium and abroad. The specificity of its theoretical and methodological approaches can be apprehended by reading the numerous scientific publications that the LENTIC staff has accumulated for more than 20 years.


Consultingeuropa is a consulting company specialised on social dialogue on European Level, located in Brussels. Consultingeuropa focuses on advising European institutions, social partners, associations and European Works Councils in multinational companies.

Consultingeuropa was born in early january, 2011, from the alliance of two companies :
· The German labour-orientated consultancy PCG- Project Consult GmbH,
· The French consulting company Groupe Alpha, whose subsidiary, Secafi, supports employees’ representatives and trade unions.

Early 2013, the Dutch HR consulting company, GITP, joined this alliance strengthening our transnational approach.

Consultingeuropa works in close cooperation with territorial and social stakeholders on specific fields of expertise:

  • Employment policy and job transitions
  • Well-being, occupational health and safety and working conditions
  • Industrial policy and perspectives of the Common European Market
  • Corporate Social and environmental responsibility

ATTENTION. Consultingeuropa est une société de droit belge