Motion for a European Parliament Resolution

eu(with recommendations to the Commission on Information and consultation of workers, anticipation and management of restructuring)

The European Parliament,


1. Requests the Commission to submit as soon as possible, on the basis of Article 225 of the Treaty and after consulting social partners, a proposal for a legal act on Information and consultation of workers, anticipation and management of restructuring, following the detailed recommendations set out in the Annex hereto;

2. Confirms that the recommendations respect fundamental rights and the principle of subsidiarity; further confirms that the recommendations respect the principle of proportionality, entrepreneurial freedom and the right to property;

3. Confirms the relevance of strong social dialogue based on mutual trust and shared responsibility, as the best instrument with which to seek consensual solutions and common outlooks when predicting, preventing and managing restructuring processes;

4. Calls on the Commission to assess whether it is necessary to take steps at European level to supervise the activities of companies in order to prevent abuse of any kind with prejudicial effects, particularly on workers;

5. Calls on the Commission to ensure that dismissals are seen as a last resort after having considered all possible alternatives, without this diminishing the competitiveness of enterprises;

6. Considers that the requested proposal will have no financial implications;

7. Instructs its President to forward this resolution and the accompanying detailed recommendations to the Commission and the Council.

References :

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