UK Working Lives Research Institute (UK)

UK Working Lives Research Institute, is a centre for research and teaching based in the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities at London Metropolitan University. It undertakes research into all aspects of working lives, aiming both to further academic understanding and to inform and support the policies of trade unions, social movements and public and private sector organisations.

Steve Jefferys, director of the Working Lives Research Institute, is Professor of European Employment Relations at London Metropolitan University and a recognised industrial relations expert on both France and the UK. He has successfully led or been a partner in over twelve European projects in the last ten years.

Dr Leroi Henry is Senior Research Fellow at the Working Lives Research Institute at London Metropolitan University. At the WLRI, he worked on health and restructuring, including Psycho social risks and Social Dialogue and he was joint co-ordinator of the HIRES Public DG Employment-supported project in 2010-11.