RPIC – VIP (Czech Republic)

RPIC-ViP s.r.o. is an educational, innovative and consulting company operating in the market since 1998. Management of the company has twenty-year experience in the field of international projects. RPIC-ViP belongs among the strongest educational and consulting organizations in the Czech Republic. RPIC-ViP participates in the dynamic development of the Moravian-Silesian Region and it is involved in programs and projects on the level of the Czech Republic as well as European Union.

RPIC-ViP is a company specializing in the following areas of services: identification and realization of projects and services in the area of human resources with the main focus on development of key competencies, leading of labour market and business support partnerships in the Moravian-Silesian Region, consulting and education for small and mid-sized enterprises, regional and local development strategies, European projects – both transnational co-operation and local/regional/national projects financed from ESF and ERDF.