LAND (Romania)

LAND Training & Consulting was set up in June 2005 aiming to contribute to the sustainable development of social partners, enterprises and local communities, based on the enhancement of industrial relationship and social dialogue as well as of the relevant performances in such fields as quality, environment and occupational health.

It has developed partnerships with the main representative social partners at national and regional level, public institutions and local authorities as well as with centres of expertise in vocational training, quality, environment and occupational health.

Aiming to achieve its scope, the team is carrying out activities of consultancy and training, studies as well as round tables, seminars or conferences that focus on such issues as social dialogue, industrial and employment relationship.


The current action of the organization is to develop project in the following fields:

-Restructuring of enterprises and mitigation of its possible consequences at community level

-Social dialogue at sector, regional and local level

-Management of quality, environment and occupational health

-Consultancy for projects’ design, management and evaluation


LAND T&C has a long experience in EU funded projects, being one of the most active companies in the fields’ social dialogue, health and restructuring in Romania. As a member of IRENE and HIRES EU networks, contributed to the implementation of various EU projects: ELEX, HIRES Plus, IRENE FT, REDITER, HIRES Public, EIRO, HIRES Dissem, Socially responsible restructuring in accession countries.


LAND T&C act as an innovative organization and promote new ways of cooperation in Romania:

-stimulate the trans-national cooperation, involving various stakeholders coming from Romania

-promote the multi-stakeholder approach

-promote the integration of health dimension into the more general restructuring approach

-contribute to the creation of a community of practitioners and experts in order to keep on stimulating mutual learning process in the fields of social dialogue and restructuring