IMIT (Sweden)

The Institute for Management of Innovation and Technology (IMIT) is a scientific Institute. Its aim is to pursue and promote research and development in technical and industrial renewal and administration, as well as participating in training in this sphere. Research is primarily concerned with how the benefits of technical development can be improved by providing knowledge of industrial management and economics.

IMIT acts as a creative link between the development of scientific knowledge in institutes and actual industrial renewal work. This is reflected through IMIT´s faculty of about 35 senior researchers and research projects, through IMIT´s publication of research results, and through seminars and courses. Our research is mostly applied. Research and development is carried out in collaboration with different organizations. In these research projects we concurrently assist in concrete development and develop new scientific knowledge.

The Institute was established in 1979 through co-operation of the Swedish Institute of Management (IFL), Chalmers University of Technology, the Stockholm School of Economics, the Royal Institute of Technology, and Lund Institute of Technology. Since its activities began, IMIT has planned and carried through projects in co-operation with industrial experts and researchers in universities, institutes, and research centers both inside Sweden and abroad. Activities are based on co-operation between experts in universities within and outside Sweden, and with practitioners in leading industrial companies and trade unions.