Associazione Bruno Trentin – Isf – Ires (Italy)

Associazione Bruno Trentin – Isf – Ires was set up in Rome on 3 June 2013 following the unification of Associazione Bruno Trentin and Ires in ISF. The three structures had been set up by Cgil with the aim of carrying out trade union, social, economic and institutional research besides fostering studies in the fields of political sciences, trade union-related education and the dynamics and processes inherent to vocational formation and the labour market.

Associazione Bruno Trentin – ISF – IRES is a trade union related institute of reserch. It’s linked to the Mandator CGIL, by which was founded in 1979. In this project IRES act on mandate of CGIL. It is a non-profit association specialized in economic and social researches concerning labor issues, with a long experience in European projects and networks either as a partner or promoter. It’s member of TURI-ETUI and correspondent for Italy for EWCO-Eurofound.
IRES’ activity is articulated in several research areas, with different tasks and objectives: Industrial Relations; Labor market; Welfare and citizenship rights; Economic and local development; Environment and sustainable development; Immigration. Statutory Bodies of IRES are the President, the Board – composed by CGIL peak level officials – the researchers, the management and administrative staff, a scientific Steering Committee.

IRES is linked to an inclusive network of of Regional IRES (Emilia Romagna, Piemonte, Veneto, Puglia, etc.) and in synergy with the Istituto Superiore per la Formazione (ISF).