The IRENE network


The IRENE network brings together independent experts working on social and economic dimensions of restructuring in Europe: academics, practitioners, managers, social partners, consultants, with a view to promote responsible and therefore innovative practices.

Born during a seminar held in Dublin in 2003, IRENE Network organised a Joint Experts Meeting together with EUROFOUND European restructuring monitoring experts, re to Public sector Restructuring, end of September 2013.

Joint Meeting Programme as well as the programme and presentations from the Round tables are available at the Europe area on the website.

In June 2013, IRENE network delivered all policy papers re to RENEWALS Project.

In November 2014, IRENE network launched the MOLIERE project during a Kick Off Meeting in Brussels. Policy papers and Final report are on line since February 2015.

In February 2015, VIRES (Vulnerable In REStructuring) Project finished ; a Synthesis report is now on line, available in 9 languages.

MOnitoring Learning and Innovation in European REstructuring
This project is based on the fact that there is a lack of systematic and updated information on the policies and practices of restructuring in European Member States. Available case studies, reports and national overviews provide focused snapshots of particular best practices, but whether they still constitute examples of best practices is more difficult to determine. Previous reports also lack a coherent analytical framework to assess the impact of implemented policies and practices for labour markets and the economy as a whole.

The project is therefore designed to monitor the longer-term impact and developments on a national level to provide European policy makers with updated and solid information to enhance the ability to design effective policy responses. The project is supported by the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) and the Dutch Trade Union Confederation (FNV).