Europe – Debate on the possibility to organize an EU system of unemployment benefits

October 15, 2015

Based on the research project commissioned by the EC, The Feasibility and Added Value of a European Unemployment Benefits Scheme, a debate will be held at ETUI on the 27 October. For further information please see:

Europe – Report sustains that workplace innovation enhances economic performance and quality of working life

October 1, 2015

A Eurofound report based on 51 European countries and different players’ point of view shows that, while the reasons for introducing workplace innovation are mainly related to enhancing efficiency, competitiveness and innovation, one positive result seems to be to strengthen the position of employees and employee representatives. The report can be accessed here:

Europe – Flexicurity is back by the hand of Businesseurope

October 1, 2015

According to the Businesseurope website, his General Director, in a meeting with the Employment and Social Affairs Commissioner, has sustained that the European Union should recover with the help of the flexicurity system. Further information can be found here:

Europe – The EC launches a website to help business to apply for EU financing

September 17, 2015

The new European website is presented in 9 languages and provides information from different programs:

Europe – Workers without a fixed workplace will have to be paid for travel time

September 17, 2015

Workers without a fixed workplace will have to be paid for travel time thanks to a European Court of Justice ruling. Further information can be accessed here:

Europe – Study shows that high levels of employment security can alleviate the detrimental effects of job insecurity on mental well-being

September 3, 2015

The Nordic Journal of Working Life Studies has published a comparative study based on the Nordic countries concluding that the high employment security needed for a successful flexicurity arrangement requires either low levels of unemployment or effective and extensive active labor market programs. The full article can be accessed here:

Europe – Study finds declining levels of job quality for the period 1995-2010

September 3, 2015

Eurofound has published the report Convergence and divergence of job quality in Europe 1995–2010 which concludes that there were declining levels of job quality across key components of work organisation. These included downward trends in job discretion and cognitive demand, and the growth of physical demands and workload. This report suggests a trend towards simpler […]

Europe – Joint position of European social partners for 2015-2017

September 3, 2015

The European employers’ organizations, BusinessEurope, CEEP and UEAPME, and the European trade union confederation, ETUC, agreed on a work programme for 2015-2017 and a joint in-depth European employment analysis. Eight years after their first joint labour market analysis, EU social partners provided key recommendations to address challenges stemming from the crisis and structural issues. Those […]

Europe – Report shows that employment increases but not in permanent and best-paid jobs

August 20, 2015

Although employment is on the rebound across Europe, this recovery is not based on the creation of full-time, permanent jobs. The permanent, full-time employment offers the best-paid jobs. These are some of the findings of the Eurofound report Decline in Full.-time, Permanente Jobs published in mid August and available here:

Europe – The European Restructuring Monitor Quarterly 2 was released

August 6, 2015

The European Monitoring Centre on Change has published the European Restructuring Monitor on the 29 July 2015 for the period 1 April – 30 June. As usual, this report is based on the announced employment effects of restructuring in the EU28 and Norway considering selected media titles. The document can be accessed here:   […]