Responsible Restructuring : analyzing corporate restructuring

IRENE Network : a network of independent experts working on several European funded Projects


Responsible Restructuring website is dedicated to corporate restructuring processes, especially related to job transitions, management, social dialogue, vulnerable groups, local communities, health and working conditions in both private and public sectors.

The Website hosts a series of projects funded by the European Commision, among which:

– MOLIERE Project ;

- VIRES Project ;

and for last year, RENEWALS Project.

The policy debate about corporate restructuring is nothing new for and within the EU. However, as the Commission underlined in its recent Green paper on corporate restructuring, there is a need “to renew the terms of this policy debate in the light of the lessons learned from the economic crisis, the deep changes in the economic and competitive contexts worldwide and the structural reform agenda currently implemented in the EU”.

Because issues related to corporate restructuring are crucial for both European competitiveness and people’s life, this website wants to offer an overview about :

- policy debates within the EU,

- corporate restructuring practices at company, sector, territorial, national and transnational levels

- main social issues in terms of employment, working conditions, health, social dialogue, territorial impact and last but not least innovations.

The IRENE network brings together independent experts – academics, practitioners, managers, social partners, consultants – working on social and economic dimensions of corporate restructuring in Europe with a view to promote responsible and innovative practices.

Green Paper on Restructuring

See Green Paper Restructuring and anticipation of change: what lessons from recent experience? SEC (2012) 59 final, 2012.

On Feb 2013, the European Parliament adopted in its plenary session (in Strasbourg), a set of 14 recommendations presented by MEP Alejandro Cercas as a base for a legislative act on corporate restructuring. And with a huge majority: 503 in favour, 107 against, 72 abstentions.

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